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The Cannonball Run

After watching Smokey & the Bandit the other day, it made me think about The Cannonball Run, another Burt Reynolds vehicle also involving a chase across the country. When I was in high school I attended the Philadelphia Auto Show and got to sit in the Black Lamborghini from The Cannonball Run. So when I saw The Cannonball Run DVD… Read more →

View Askew Card

Back in the Day

The top image is the Holiday Card I received from Kevin Smith’s Production Company in 1997. In 1997 I¬†created Jay & Silent Bob action figures for director, Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma). Actually they were Bluntman & Chronic action figures. I had a meeting with Kevin in Red Bank, NJ but his flight was delayed getting back to NJ… Read more →

Dreams of Our Fathers - Joe Ruiz

The Art of Amelia vs. Cthulhu

When coming up with the concept of Amelia Earhart vs. Cthulhu I knew I needed an image to capture what I saw in my mind. I also knew that I wasn’t the man to create that image. I signed up with Elance and put in a request for a freelance artist to create the poster for Amelia Earhart vs. Cthulhu.… Read more →

Rebel Without A Crew

Behind The Scenes of Low & High Budget Movies

My two favorite books in the “movie making” genre are on the complete opposite end of the budget spectrum. The Jaws Log by Carl Gottlieb chronicles the chaos that was The Making of Jaws. This movie should have tanked. It had everything going against it during the production and reading it is just as entertaining as the movie itself. But… Read more →